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Most common reasons for Amazon suspension

Sep 17

Amazon is a global platform with more than 300 million active customers. It's very likely that, at one point or another, you will have to deal with a suspension. This can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you don't understand why your account has been suspended. This is why it is very important for everyone on this platform to know about how to do so properly. This can be done by acquiring help from a good agency that offers amazon account management services. We've compiled the most common reasons for Amazon suspensions, including:

Not paying sales tax

The first common reason is not paying sales tax. For this problem, you must pay the taxes you owe and prove to Amazon that you have a plan to comply with tax laws going forward. Sales tax is charged on purchases when the item is shipped from a state where Amazon has nexus. Tax rates vary based on items, location, and other factors.

For example, if you're selling a product in New York where sales tax is 8%, then your customer would need to pay $8 for every $100 of product ordered (assuming they paid by credit card). If they paid by cash or check then it would be much less than 1% so I won't include those calculations here since it's only relevant for small numbers like under $1 per purchase which isn't worth the effort unless there's some sort of incentive program associated with those payments—like receiving gift cards as rewards or discounts off future purchases!

Calculating Your Sales Tax

The first step to calculating your sales tax is figuring out how much you need to pay before paying taxes is required. If you're selling in New York, then this number will be 8% of $100 or $8. If it's California then it'll be 10% for items under $1 and 6% for anything over that amount.

All of these percentages are based on what state you are in and whether or not they collect sales tax. For example, New York doesn't have any sales tax which means if someone bought something from Amazon while living in NY then they wouldn't have to pay anything at all! In most states (like California), however, there is some kind of minimum amount that needs to be paid before taxes are required.

Not meeting performance metrics

The second common reason is not meeting performance metrics. For this problem, you need to improve your metrics, not just for now but for the future. If you don’t meet the performance metrics, it can also lead to a suspension. If you think that your account is suspended for this reason, then you need to improve your metrics in order to get back into business. Amazon will check these things again when they decide whether or not they want to lift the suspension from your account or not after getting back on track with Amazon Seller Performance (ASP).

You can take help from any good agency like Urtasker that offers amazon marketing service to make sure that your performance gets improved.

Violating content guidelines

The third common reason for Amazon suspension is violating content guidelines. For this problem, make sure your listing images and product descriptions meet Amazon’s guidelines.

In general, you should:

  • Have the actual product in the image (no stock photos or designer props)
  • Describe the product accurately (this means no bait-and-switch tactics)
  • Use language in your description that is appropriate to customers looking at your product
  • List it correctly in its respective categories (e.g., if it’s a book, list it as “books”)
  • Format it correctly according to what works best on different devices/screen sizes
  • Make sure there are no typos or grammatical errors

Receiving negative customer feedback

The fourth common reason is receiving negative customer feedback or reviews. For this problem it may take some time to prove your customers are happy, but it's worth it.

Be proactive: Respond to negative reviews and ask for positive ones in addition to thanking customers that review your product. Many negative reviews are from other sellers trying to get a leg up on the competition by being malicious and getting accounts suspended. If you get a bad review from another seller just report that seller for violation of Amazon’s terms of services (TOS).

Use an Amazon tool: There are a number of great tools for monitoring your activity on Amazon including Seller Box, Listing Checker Pro, Feedback Genius and Feedback Five which help identify problems before they become issues with suspension.

Listing violations

The fifth common reason is listing violations. This could be from failing to follow Amazon’s content guidelines, including prohibited images and text on your listings. It could also be from selling counterfeit products or selling products made of material that are illegal such as fur, ivory, endangered species or other items that are not allowed to be sold on Amazon.

Intellectual property violations

The sixth common reason is intellectual property violations. If you’re selling trademarked items, counterfeit products or products with copyrighted images, you're violating Amazon’s policies and could get suspended. For this problem if you sourced your products from a supplier who sent fake items or used someone else's logos on generic products, that's a violation of Amazon's rules and needs to be fixed immediately.

Intellectual Property (IP) violations are a big no-no on Amazon: The sale of anything trademarked or copyrighted is prohibited by both the U.S. government and the ecommerce giant itself — and sellers who ignore those rules run the risk of getting their account blocked by Amazon altogether

Receiving a high number of returns or refunds

Another common reason is receiving a high number of returns or refunds from customers. For this problem be upfront about your return policy and try to minimize the risk your buyers take by explaining what's included in the package (or not), providing detailed instructions for use and describing any damage clearly in the product description so customers know about any defects before they buy.

For example, if there is no return address on an Amazon retail packing slip that comes with a product, it will likely delay an investigation and result in additional fees being charged to you as well as possible suspension of selling privileges. If a customer issues a chargeback against you (which means they want their money back), Amazon will hold the money until they determine whether or not there was fraud involved in their purchase.


Amazon has grown to become one of the largest e-commerce websites in the world and hence is frequently used for unscrupulous businesses. Therefore, it is important to maintain your account's reputation by not engaging in any dubious business practices.

So, if you want your Amazon account to stay healthy, you need to rein yourself in, and avoid these mistakes. And with these in mind, you can maintain an excellent Amazon seller account for a long time to come.